why we exist

mum. was created for all the moms out there who don't want to (and, more importantly, shouldn't have to) compromise on products they're using for themselves and their babies.

Through tireless testing and scouring the pregnancy, motherhood + baby marketplace, we began realizing that so many of the products out there today, be they products related to skin, feeding or teething, are flawed.

Several brands speak of 'safe ingredients', but what does that really mean?

We began looking a bit further. We researched, read, talked, listened and realized that maternity skincare needs far more than the current status quo, which often involves producing pretty products marketed under false pretences.

This understanding is what brought us here. It's why we exist. Because moms like you need thoughtfully inspired products developed with you + your baby in mind.

  • Made for mum + baby

    Skincare that's safe for baby, soothing for you.

  • Nurturing skin, naturally

    Ingredients that are plant-based, organic + certified.

  • Gentle care for every stage

    Cosmetics that support pregnancy + postpartum.

A brand of innovation

plant-based formulations

At the heart of mum. is our belief that we should draw on nature's abundance to care for our skin.

We work with scientists and medical specialists to integrate our botanicals into gentle formulations that prioritize your baby's well-being, while ensuring you experience the soothing benefits of organic skincare.

our ingredients

A support network

our motherhood community

While our brand started as a solution to fix the marketplace gap, it's grown into so much more than that.

Over the years, we've developed a motherhood community that you can feel confident in belonging to, and trust. Our brand brings mothers from all backgrounds + beliefs together for one benefit: your babies.

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A clear mission

safe + soothing skincare

Motherhood already has its tough moments; deliberating between skincare products that you feel safe and confident using shouldn't be an added task on your daily to-do list.

Designed and developed for moms, babies + toddlers alike, mum. offers a collection of skincare essentials that seamlessly fit into your self-care routine.

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